Smart Pebble + Plugin Pebble



Our purpose of creation is not to serve only few specific or limited functions. Your Pebbles’ embraces the beauty created by the nature that grew over time, to be a part of our everyday environment. We aim to harmonize and play a role in your daily life, in all variety of lifestyles, anywhere, anytime.

This is the design philosophy of ‘Your Pebbles



The Line Up of ‘Your Pebbles’ is based on the Plug-in Concept. This consists of Smart Pebbles (a.k.a SP), which is made of platinum silicon, and ‘Plug-in Pebbles (a.ka. PiP), which has features inspired from the five senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste). SP is designed to be utilized as both cell phone cradle and cooking utility and PiP is to be presented symbolizing each of the five senses.



For more information please contact us at,

info[at] or +82 (0)70 7527 4907 


한국총판: 퍼니피쉬 02-2237-8956

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